Full moon: the mystery man depicted in an astonishing image over Rivington Pike has been named as a BBC commentator

Taken from the LEP Lancashire Evening Post official website

A mystery man depicted in an astonishing photo showing the moon rising over Rivington Pike has been found.

Last week, a Lancashire photographer called Lee Mansfield shared the extraordinary moon photo along with a request to find the man who can be seen sitting on a bench.
Speaking at the time, Lee, who this year won the Lancashire Life reader photographer of the year award, said: “Not only is the Moon interesting, you can see a figure sat down on one of the benches – I would love to find this person to send a copy of the photo.”
Over the weekend, following the Post’s publication of the story, Lee says he has been delighted to locate the man under the moon.

Burnley-based Lee told the Post: “On Saturday 10th December I received a message on my Facebook page saying I think I am the person who you are looking for. WOW! I may have found this person. I needed to check this person out and only I knew what clothing he was wearing and what you cannot see on social media I knew the person was wearing a black cap.
“His name is Dave Woods, a BBC commentator – I asked him to ring me right away which he did, I asked him many questions that only he would know the answer to. Both Dave and I were so happy to speak to each other, Dave was the star in the photo and I found the man under the Moon.”
Rivington Pike is a hill on Winter Hill, part of the West Pennine Moors at Rivington, Chorley.

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